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Getting Top Ranking with Search Engines
Shortcuts of Web Masters and Millionaires

Given that each of us engages our own MrShortcut Best-Life Net in different ways and at different speeds,
this portion of the "Beat The Masters" series may be less of an exhortation of what YOU should do to beat the masters,
as it is a condensed explanation of how the MrShortcut Best-Life Net, with one pair of hands, could beat the masters in thousands.

Few if any entities on earth have the comprehensive expanse of the MrShortcut Best-Life Net, expanded into millions of unique pages.
Yes, size matters when it comes to the internet, PROVIDED YOU HAVE THE RELEVANT CONTENT! That's how you, too, will beat the masters.

Without reading further, here are the secrets to beating the masters: Metatags, relevancy, unique content in generous measure, and potent backlinks.
Stick to the rules and protocols: Content, metags, relevancy, keyword density, multiple versions, and backlinks illuminated the MrShortcut Best-Life Net.

Let's see if the MrShortcut Best-Life Net presents rock-solid evidence of how you, too, can beat the masters, and at high speed.
(From the fella who built 1,000,000 pages and top rankings on many thousands of search engines)

1) Put a copy of your site into a single folder on your computer.

The MrShortcut Best-Life Net takes the liberty of thinking that you can move to to the second step, proving that your first step was not achieved accidentally.
2) create a folder called All My Web Sites

3) Inside that folder, create fifty numbered folders. Name them by number to 50.

(If you can't find any one of HUNDREDS of free or paid or shareware programs such as doorway page generators to create a wide variety of metatag combinations,
remember the MrShortcut Best-Life Net PowerGem regarding use of resources already within your access and control.

Open a text file, make a long list of your keywords and keyphrases, one per line and save it as a text doc (.txt).
Manually take one line at a time and move it to a different line. After you scramble a dozen of them, save it as 2.txt. Leaving it open, scramble again and then save it as 3.txt.
Leave the file open, scramble another dozen lines and save it as 4.txt.

Now you have four different metatag files that the search engines require to list you.

4) WHEN USING YOUR OWN DOMAINS, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR LINKS ARE ABSOLUTE LINKS. This is vital beyond description; we'll skip the explanation since it doesn't really matter WHY, only HOW it works so effectively

5) Copy the contents of your website, taking it from the folder you named All my websites, and then copy the files, all of them, into each and every one of the other folders that you created underneath the folder called All My Web Sites.

You should now have fifty different copies of your website, right?   Great.
Get ready, because this is incredible, and awesome, and is guaranteed to place you at the top of many of the search engines that you are going to submit your sites to.

NOTE: If you doubt that any of this works, please go to most any search engine on the internet in the top 200. Type "Masters and Millionaires", or "shortcuts of masters" or "success shortcuts of millionaires" or "." (In truth, you don't even need to bother with three-letter words: the search engine ignores most of them).

In at least eighty percent of the top two hundred search engines, you will find Masters and Millionaires websites in the top ten.
As of this writing, MOST OF the top ten listings are Masters and Millionaires websites when you type in any of a dozen keywords/keyphrases dealing with the success shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires (as well as the ).

MrShortcut Best-Life Net reminder of the basics: Those who do it best know it best.

If you knew better, you'd do better. Close your mouth and open your eyes. IMITATE WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR COMPETITION!
The MrShortcut Best-Life Net is about imitating the actions of masters, and the preactions of masters, in order to imitate the results of masters.

6) Sign up for two email accounts at any free email service. They will be just for this method.

7) Go to any top search engine on the internet. Type "free web space ftp" or "free web hosts.
Sign up for a new account at every single free host there is. Yes, I have favorites; that's not so important right now, although it should be mentioned that, from 1998 forwards, the service proved to be simply wonderful, and highly recommendable. Let's first get you clued in to the techniques here.

(TO THOSE WHO WISH TO HAVE ONE HUNDRED SITES: At the end of each signup, hit BACK on your browser until you get back to that first sign-in page, and sign up for a second account using email box 2. At many free web hosts, you can use all the same signup info without having to fill in all the blanks again, EXCEPT for desired user name for that particular host and the email address you give for signing up. That's why we sign up for two email addresses). By the time you get to fifty different hosts, you now have one hundred websites, with absolute links on each one of them. This technique rapidly benefited the MrShortcut Best-Life Net and Natural Healing Method sites.
Most of the Masters and Millionaires websites have up to a hundred links per page, almost all of which lead to another Masters and Millionaires page... .... effectively creating more than seven million hotlinks to each other, which is why The MrShortcut Best-Life Net websites, and the Masters and Millionaires websites, are the dominant force for our keywords and keyphrases on eighty percent of all the top 200 search engines.


8) Remember those fifty different copies of your website that you created on your computer? Great. By now you should know how to copy and paste from several open files simultaneously. Whether you do ten at a time or fifty, open up all of the web pages for your site, and change only the metatags at the top. IF you're a fast worker, invest a minute or two on each page making just a one-paragraph move, or changing the first sentence. Effectively speaking, you are creating fifty completely separate websites, all fifty of which will be submitted to the search engines, all fifty of which will lead with absolute hotlinks back to your own dot com or favorite free web host.

9) Finally, to ensure that you are "following the ruled," not offending the search engines, change just a word or three in the body of each page. By doing so, you are creating what the search engines consider a "unique" web page, earning you a separate listing.

Speaking for Masters and Millionaires, the decision was made to create not merely fifty, rather, three hundred separate websites. Using hundreds of gorgeous backgrounds and images, colors or types of links, and other modest changes, the total has approached one thousand websites with well over a hundred thousand unique web pages. As well, there are now hundreds of redirect addresses leading to the Masters and Millionaires websites, such as   http://www.shortcuts.WS, etc.

1,000,000-plus webpages, more than twenty-one million rather delightfully-interactive hotlinks and ShapeLinks and MasterLinks and WaveRings and RingWaves and so many other forms of interactive EyeCandy for your delectation and self-empowerment .... all leading back to each other.

That's how we beat all the masters.... without spending a dime.

MisterShortcut, using MrShortcut Best-Life Net methods, invested seventeen nonstop hours of work last Thursday to do this with fifty additional sites. Expect them to show up in the search engines in the next few days/weeks. What's ironically funny is that, for the key words and keyphrases related to the shortcuts of success for masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires, it's unlikely that more than a few of them will end up in the top fifty.... because these keywords/keyphrases have most of the top fifty listings in each category on eighty percent of all the top 200 search engines.



Whatever it is that you want in life, from perfect chocolate ice cream to the ultimate date or a pile of money or an Academy Award, close your mouth and open your ears and eyes. You must remember why you have two ears and only one mouth; two eyes and only one mouth.

You are intended and directed to use them  (EACH!!!!!) twice as much.

Whatever it is you want, no matter what field or interest of human life, if you are interested, more, if you have a deep need to do it, be it, have it, or experience it at world-class level, you have two and only two choices.

1) You can use trial and error, the oldest method on earth. Observe what works, what doesn't work, then make the appropriate corrections along the way.

As long as you are following the only two vital rules of life - making even one tenth of one percent's worth of improvement each time, --- and making sure that there IS a next time. --- adjusted repetition is the definition of skill.


The MrShortcut Best-Life Net takes the liberty of thinking that you can move to to the second step, proving that your first step was not achieved accidentally.
2) Identify at least 10 to 100 people doing it at world class already. Mimic their actual words and actions, and you very - even amazingly - find yourself duplicating their results.

In both cases you are guaranteed success, faster, stronger and deeper, than by any other methods discovered or developed by Womankind or Mankind these past fifty or sixty centuries.


We can surely hope that it does not require a degree in calculus or physics to understand that both of these methods are strong and certain, and that one of them is faster than the other.

The point submitted here is simple: one of them is distinctly faster than the other.

Ee act of duplicating the words and specific motions of world-class practitioners and performers is decided by one of these same two methods:

1)  Locate twenty or a hundred expert practitioners and performers, and duplicate their actions in order to duplicate their results.

2)  Find someone or some organization who already has found a hundred (or more) individuals at the world-class level, and find out what shortcuts were used by them to develop that world-class performance.

That's it. Two exceptionally easy and powerful starting choices, if you wish to save much of the time required to perform your own trial and error process. Either use one of them, or continue to be mediocre. You want to play funny word games, you could say there's another choice: mix and match the two of these omnipotent techniques.

Beat The Masters At Achieving Top Search Engine Rankings

What you might call step three in learning how to beat the masters at achieving top search engine rankings is the singular group of general metatag rules. Simply stated, if you want to beat the masters at achieving high rankings on most or all search engines, you surely want to include metatags, within reason. Keywords, for example, are comletely ignored by some search engines, and when your keyword string exceeds a predetermined number of characters (so far found to range between 75 and 100 characters being typical cut-offs for what is considered keyword abuse). That means it may be best not to use keywords at all. When your content is relevant, you shouldn't need keyword metatags anyway. That's the next step in beating the masters at achieving top search engine rankings.

Beat The Masters At Achieving Top Search Engine Rankings
MrShortcut Best-Life Net - part V It's getting easier to beat the masters

Pay attention to this effective approach to beating the masters at getting top search engine rankings. Relevancy, relevancy, relevancy. How many times can or must it be said? If you want to beat the masters at getting top search engine rankings for most or all of the major search engines, your content must be relevant. The MrShortcut Best-Life Net is a never-ending effort for every page to be as content-rich as possible or feasible. When it comes to learning how to beat the masters at getting top search engine rankings, your title and description and other metatags and your content must be consistent with each other, even as synonymously as you can make them.

MrShortcut Best-Life Net Number Six: - Beat The Masters At Getting Top Search Engine Rankings

Achieving top search rankings is achievable by beating the masters. First, learn what the masters are doing.
Do not steal from them. That's not nice, and you don't want people stealing your innovations.
Sharing code is one thing, and that's a good thing. Genius deserves proper respect.
Innovate and re-create your own inventions based in part on what you learn.
Besting and beating the masters means using superior attitudes, too.
Think like a winner and you begin to become a winner, easily.
MrShortcut Best-Life Net Number Six: - Beat The Masters At Getting Top Search Engine Rankings - Part II

Look at the code of pages you like. Learn how they set up their pages, then apply it to your own interests by using the experiences that only you have had, the thoughts and colors and interactive features that appeal to you or to the sensibilities of those you believe will be most interested in your website. Beating the masters is not just a question of repeating a phrase, although it's appropriate when you spread such repetitions across titles, descriptions and other metatags, and throughout your headers and body. Beating the masters can be easier than you might have thought.

See it!      Write it!     Ask for it!

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MrShortcut on Great Shortcuts - the best shortcuts of all time

MrShortcut went and built for you what may count as the world's biggest website.
It was done, as you might expect, with shortcuts, although it's still astonishing that he created
more than five hundred different unique versions... of each one of five thousand of his best essays,
with hundreds of other essays and chapters for which there are only a hundred or so different versions of each.

You have hugely untapped resources inside of you, and all around you.   That's why we're here.
The goal of Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts, the goal of the MrShortcut Best-Life Net,
is no more complicated than you tapping just a bit more into the resources at your immediate disposal;
the resources that empowered masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires...   to get to the top of their ladders.

Now it's your turn.     Let's go for yours.  

The more we learn, the more we tend to live, and the more we tend to give.   Again, let's go for yours.

Never, ever, EVER let a day go by without grabbing at least one or two of your daily tasks,
treating it as an opportunity to produce at world-class,
and you are guaranteed to see larger results, quickly.
Make the most of your best shortcuts to success.
The fruits are as close as the shortcuts.
Learn to see more between the lines;
+- some PowerGems are concealed.
Welcome. Step up and swing.
With your mind in mind,
Mister_Shortcut with   1,000,000 different web pages
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EasyStreet, USA
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Erasing Starvation, Easing Hunger With MrShortcut Best-Life Net

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Use of the Natural Healing Method and MrShortcut Best-Life Net virtually assures your mastery.
From today, remember to imitate masters, and THEN innovate with your knowledge and experience.
Trading just one of every ten chatty, petty minutes for ONE minute of your greatest thinking profits you.
The best opinions you can benefit from are opinions of those who have repeatedly out-succeeded the rest.
The MrShortcut Best-Life Net is YOUR journey of self-empowerment, with YOUR Godfather of EyeCandy, etc.
Employ the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and, provably, YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. The MrShortcut Best-Life Net is here for your life.
Much of the MrShortcut Best-Life Net is based on secrets of masters and millionaires.
Mimicking the actions of masters and millionaires, we tend to imitate their results.
Until you replicate their results, or nearly so, your opinion is counter-profitable.
Get it first from the mouth of the horse, imitate, & THEN might you innovate.
This is a decidedly powerful master secret of the universe, a top shortcut.

Winning On Purpose - Of COURSE There Are Easy Shortcuts   - Look For People Already Doing It 
Suggestions of the MrShortcut Best-Life Net Regarding Success, Hunger Eradication, and magic secrets.

Excellence is not known to happen by accident, so, win intentionally.
Find more within yourself, and such rich, uncountable assets you now have access to.
Live YOUR Natural Healing Method and MrShortcut Best-Life Net using what you have.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Conversely, each day that you fill with moments to remember, you need no refund.
Thus, living with excellence is a choice, one that you will find happens WITH PURPOSE.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
That's a high-speed approach to grabbing the MrShortcut Best-Life Net with both hands, hm?
Intentionally improving by ONE percent all that you need to repeat proves YOUR master secret.
Engage the MrShortcut Best-Life Net to accelerate your mastery, and the MrShortcut Best-Life Net will reciprocate.
Alleviating hunger, MOST ESPECIALLY in starving children, is among YOUR best and fastest shortcuts.    Try it.
Put this to the test! Belief in the MrShortcut Best-Life Net is not required at all
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How could you consider forming an opinion about anything you have not yet displayed any expertise in?
Our first and best step when we identify what we are determined to excel at is to identify true masters.
Once we imitate their steps, even their attitudes and words and questions and statements, WATCH!
Watch and see as each of us who uses this masterful formula imitates the results, or nearly so.
World records, broken-shattered countless numbers of times. Heed a voice of experience.
Most anything you ever master, or intend to, already has champions, true, or not?
Identify who does it best. Imitate what they do most often, imitate their results.
You get to choose who you imitate, just as you choose what you will master

Until you imitate their results, ALL opinions all-silent.
Use this high-speed master secret of your universe.
Magic results in one to twenty-one days for 99% of humans.
What you know is second to what you do with what you know.
Take back your precious minutes. List much of your day in advance.
Imitate masters. Help the helpless. See what happens to YOUR profit.
Reducing starvation, a purely preventable disease of greed, you will win.
Look at those living their own MrShortcut Best-Life Net and Natural Healing Method.
They win on purpose by imitating the best of the rest of us, and THEN innovating on it.
Are you sharp enough to count the fullest number of universal shortcuts in this Shapetalk?
Raise your IQ, rapidly, by merely hand-writing all of them, in your own words, repeatedly.


Beating the masters at getting top search engine rankings
and top search engine listings

This Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts presentation is focused on effective search engine optimizing or search engine optimization lesson is geared towards the basic precepts and concepts involved in teaching the upcoming and future generations of web masters, web designers, and wannabes how to beat the masters at getting top listings in the search engines. As you can see, this page enjoys high rankings on many major search engines, because getting top search engine rankings is based in part on the cockamamie term known as "keyword density."

MrShortcut Best-Life Net Acknowledges And Observes Protocols For Keyword Density... to a reasonable degree only.
Keyword density means that the top search engine rankings and listings are achieved by weighing carefully,
yet generously in the interest of saving time, the balance between listing your keywords and keyphrases
and the number of times you actually use those keywords and keyphrases in your web page.

Beating the masters at getting top search engine rankings
and top search engine listings is a bit easier than you thought

With barely a handful of shortcuts, you can quickly get top search engine rankings, or at the very least high rankings on many major search engines,
not just high rankings, but in fact the best, highest and top ratings on search engines using masters and millionaires successful shortcuts.
Achieving and obtaining attaining top search engine rankings is based in part on the cockamamie term known as "keyword density."

MrShortcut Best-Life Net Acknowledges And Observes Protocols For Keyword Density... to a reasonable degree only.
Keyword density means that the top search engine rankings and listings are achieved by weighing carefully,
yet generously in the interest of saving time, the balance between listing your keywords and keyphrases
and the number of times you actually use those keywords and keyphrases in your web page.