Building castles in the air can be made to happen,
              by those who create foundations underneath them.

Building castles in the air.
What human child does not build castles in the air?
You certainly have, as we all do at some point in life.
Here at the MrShortcut Best-Life Net, building castles is fun,
building castles is, in fact, a primary mission of why we're here, together.

YOU Are Saving - Feeding The Starving
Generous sponsors of TheHungerSite (no relation to us) perform many miracles every single day.
At last count, these great givers have been buying growing thousands of cups of food each day.
That's not for each year! Thanks to YOU, far more than any other audience on the planet,
many thousands of cups of food per hour are generated one click at a time, by you.
The MrShortcut Best-Life Net has always supported this magnificent task,
generating new and well-earned business while helping human beings.
Please clickthrough every day, to save a human life every day.
This is becoming the greatest food drive of all time,
outdoing every other effort ever undertaken,
and it IS thanks to your clicks. Bless you,
with or without the religious labels;
you are the saviors of earth,
of starving humanity.
Thank YOU!

There is no more noble effort within the MrShortcut Best-Life Net.   What goes around....

Building castles in the air,
that's why you're here, no longer "there."
Building castles in the air, to create a life with fewer cares.
Building castles in our minds, building castles all the time.
Building castles with foundations, growing ever stronger,
the castles in the air maintain our hopes so much longer

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